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red moon rising

When her brother abruptly flees the capital for reasons unknown, Adrianna is dragged into a mess of politics and scandal by the nation's military, who seem to have an unusually keen interest in finding him.

Red Moon Rising is a full-colour steampunk fantasy webcomic set in the midst of a magic-fuelled industrial society, following one person's mistake and the knock-on effect it has on the people and the world around them.

the muse mentor

Amy King, Kay King

The Muse Mentor is a story about creative self-expression, individual success, and fitting in on the mental plane, where everyone is a mood, impulse, thought, or other brain-related process.

Mona is in her early 20's and trying to figure out what she'd be happiest doing for the rest of her life, and that would be a lot easier to work out if she knew what her function was. To make matters worse, she doesn't have any outstanding skills that make it any easier to discern... but she knows if anyone could help her, it would probably be a muse - someone who inspires creative actions and is considered a step above mere notions so far as social status goes. After all, they have a destiny to make it to a higher plane. You know. If they're good enough.

boss monster

Kay King's Blog

Comic writer, illustrator, nerd.

modus operandi

Tish Doolin, Leah Eburne

Modus Operandi is about making mistakes, in circumstances where mistakes are often not forgiven.

Modus Operandi is a comic for adults, whatever that means in your state or nation of residence. Read it at your own risk.

the comic hunter

The Comic Hunter is a chain of comics and gaming stores on the east coast of Canada.

Luis Boisvert's personal home page, featuring his other projects.

harlowe vanished

Amy King, Kay King, Sam Langenfeld

The inhabitants of Altus live in constant fear, being slowly driven away from the sea.

Meanwhile, a sixteen year old girl named Harlowe is studying hard to try and get a leg up on her future. She struggles with trying to balance work and play with circumstances sometimes beyond her control. Often, she is sad and stressed. Or sometimes just empty. She isn't sure which is worse.

This is a story about where these two worlds intersect.

monster's garden

Ash G.

Deep in the urban heart of Centro, the reigning heavyweight champion tended to his prized garden sanctuary. He enjoyed his solitary paradise in peace, until a simple act of kindness grows into the biggest challenge he has ever faced.

Luckily for the Kilo Monster, this time he will not be fighting alone.