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boss monster

Kay King

Luis Boisvert's personal home page.


Stereophoenix is temporarily out of service.

dead or worse

Brendan Peveril, Luis Boisvert

monster's garden

Ash G.

Deep in the urban heart of Centro, the reigning heavyweight champion tended to his prized garden sanctuary. He enjoyed his solitary paradise in peace, until a simple act of kindness grows into the biggest challenge he has ever faced.

Luckily for the Kilo Monster, this time he will not be fighting alone.

modus operandi

Tish Doolin, Leah Eburne

Modus Operandi is about making mistakes, in circumstances where mistakes are often not forgiven.

Modus Operandi is a comic for adults, whatever that means in your state or nation of residence. Read it at your own risk.

the comic hunter

The Comic Hunter is a chain of comics and gaming stores on the east coast of Canada.

the muse mentor

Amy King

A surreal slice of life comic, dealing with the challenges of self-actualization.

harlowe vanished

Amy King, Kay King, Sam Langenfeld

The inhabitants of Altus live in constant fear, being slowly driven away from the sea.

Meanwhile, a sixteen year old girl named Harlowe is studying hard to try and get a leg up on her future.

red moon rising

Placeholder television.


Here's what some of the people I work with have to say about my services:

"Anyone who has ever had to seek out help in implementing a website design before can surely tell you a few horror stories, but I'll spare you the nightmares (I'm sure you have your own) and simply say that after numerous disappointing past experiences, it was such a complete relief working with Luis. I knew right off the bat I had something particularly difficult to code, but you wouldn't have known it from how readily he accepted the project. From the beginning he was professional, he was fast, and he checked in to keep me posted as things were built. I never, ever felt like I was in the dark with where my site was at, or like I was going to have to chase down the end results I wanted... which, by the way, were exactly what I had hoped for, and then-some. In fact, I can honestly say I don't think I'll be able to look for help elsewhere anytime in the near future - I have been spoiled, now, and will have to continue working through Luis as well as recommending him to anyone else who is dreading the potential headache that comes with setting up a website."

-- Amy King, The Muse Mentor

"Luis is my web guy for life. I've worked with a few hosting services - ones I had to pay much more for - and found them unhelpful and unresponsive. Luis is affordable, accessible, responsive, and patient with layman questions. While I designed most aspects of my site, Luis was able to offer feedback and talk me through what the user-end experience might look like given different arrangements of site features, platform constraints, etc. That kind of service isn't typically something you get without paying for a pricey consultant, and I found his assistance invaluable. He maintains my site to this day, and will maintain any future sites I have, if he's down for it!"

-- Tish Doolin, Modus Operandi